For over 20 years, Multi-Smak has been a recognized producer of a wide range of delicious raw and vegetable salads. Our offer includes many products, the main ingredients of which are fresh, top-quality vegetables such as: white and red cabbage, Chinese cabbage, carrots, leeks, celery, peppers, cucumbers and onions.



Our products are as close to their natural state as it is only possible, they are made just as if they were prepared at home: we choose the right fruit and vegetables, peel, clean, wash, then rinse and cut them into a fresh and zesty salad. The vegetables are arranged separately in the packet so they can be mixed by the customer directly before for consumption. In our production, no preservatives are being used.




Vegetables and fruits are very healthy and have a positive effect on the development of our body. They are rich in many vitamins and minerals.


Vitamin A – crucial for the nervous system and various functions related to it, such as eyesight. It is necessary for having strong bones, healthy teeth and skin – it is can be found in carrots


Vitamin B – a group of B vitamins is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system, metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, tissue reconstruction as well as healthy skin. It can be found in leafy vegetables (cabbage, lettuce)


Vitamin C – is called “vitamin for everything” – responsible for the daily synthesis of new tissues and cells in our body. It can be found in cabbage and apple among othres.


Vitamin E – is partly responsible for the red blood cells immunity and for the formation of new tissues. It is commonly found in cabbage.


Vitamin K – needed for proper blood clotting. It can be found in cabbage and carrots among others.


Calcium – a mineral that is important for the nervous system and muscle contraction. It has a huge impact on healthy bones and teeth. It can be found in cabbage and green vegetables among others.


Iron – a very important element in the production of hemoglobin that carries oxygen to cells. It can be found in most vegetables.


Phosphorus – affects the condition of bones and teeth. Commonly found in leafy vegetables.


Pantothenic acid – affects the use of protein, fats and carbohydrates by the body. Commonly found in cabbage.


Folic acid – necessary for the formation of red blood cells and for metabolic changes. It can be found in cabbage.


Potassium – plays an important role in keeping our bodies hydrated, muscles contracting correctly as well as in supporting the heart. It can be found in cabbage, carrots and apples among others.


Magnesium – stimulates the secretion of enzymes needed for the metabolism of protein and carbohydrates. Plays a role in the performance of muscle contractions – cabbage, carrots, apples


All of these vitamins are found in our Multi-Smak products