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Multi-Smak products as a source of vitamins

Our offer includes many products with the main ingredients of the highest quality vegetables such as: white and red cabbage, Chinese cabbage, carrots, leeks , celery, pepper, cucumber and onion.

Our products are characterized by the fact that they are very little processed, we produce salads and salads just like it is prepared at home: we choose the right fruits and vegetables , we peel, clean, wash, then rinse and cut.

More than 20 types of salads

Salads are already prepared for consumption – we mix the washed and chopped vegetables with the addition of mayonnaise, oil, vinegar and season with natural spices, we do not use any preservatives in the production of our products.

Sałatki lunchowe 200 g


The salads are arranged separately: vegetables, additives such as ham, cheese, tuna, grilled chicken and sauce so that the customer can mix them himself immediately before consumption. There is a fork in the lid of each package, thanks to which the selected salad can be eaten in any place.

Salads 300 grams

In salads, vegetables, cheese and a sachet of sauce were arranged separately so that the customer could mix them before consumption. The packaging in the form of a cup with an attached fork allows you to eat a delicious salad anywhere.

Boiled vegetables

The vegetables are steamed. We obtain safety and long shelf life by pasteurization, we do not use chemical preservatives. Boiled vegetables are a delicious addition to dinner, just heat it up, you can add your favorite additions: butter, spices.

We offer:
– beetroots: whole, grated: thick chips and pure 500g,
– carrot-corrugated slices 500g,
– carrot with peas 500g.


Pickling is one of the oldest natural methods of food preservation, which we use to pickle cucumbers and cabbage.

Taste of Nature – 100% juices

The combination of excellent fruit and vegetables, as well as passion and experience in production, resulted in a line of unique “Taste of Nature” products.